We're all Joining Jacks fight against Duchenne Musculare Dystrophy, are you?

Dubai 7s


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THE Joining Jack Legends team is heading back to the Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens.

This will be the fifth time the magnificent squad featuring some of the most famous names from both rugby codes, has been to the prestigious event as part of Joining Jack’s ongoing fight to raise money and awareness in the fight to find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.


Last year’s trip to Dubai raised more than £100,000, and we are hoping this year's trip will be equally successful.


Andy Johnson, Jack's dad and co-founder of the charity, said: “To raise more than £100,000 last year was a an incredible achievement which is really helping us make a huge difference in our race to find a treatment for Duchenne.


“There are a number of projects at the moment that are looking really promising and the money we raise from the tournament will go to research that is the most likely to result in a treatment reaching the patients as soon as possible.


“We couldn’t do this without the help of the players and our sponsors, they put a lot time and effort into helping us and we are so thankful to them all for their support.”


The squad along with their supporters and team mascot Jack, fly out at the end of November to compete in the intensive three-day invitation-only event and you can follow their progress via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.