Corporate Sponsorship


  • Information for fundraising businesses

    Do you belong to a business who wish to get involved in fundraising and perhaps even corporate sponsorship of the Joining Jack charity? That's great! Click the above link to see ways you and your company can get involved.
  • Ems Sigma

    EMS Sigma Ltd first became aware of Joining Jack through their support from the Rugby League community – our MD is an avid Wigan Warriors supporter! After having heard Jack’s story, we were inspired to help in any way we could; knowing that there is no cure has really spurred us on to push for as much funding as possible in to the Research of DMD. Jack’s story was particularly poignant for our CEO. A father of 3 himself, the thought of what the Johnson’s are going through made him set out for the biggest challenge of his life – climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!
  • The Entertainer

    My heart went out to AJ and Alex when I read about the situation they find themselves in with their gorgeous son Jack. I am also a mother and know that this must be, without doubt, the most difficult year of their lives. I am completely in awe of the tireless work they have put into raising money to finding a cure for Jack and also of all the amazing support they have received. As a business owner I knew I had the capability to do something to help, and therefore I was more than happy to be able to contribute 10 percent of all of our online book sales 27th November 2012 to this wonderful cause. Everyone at the Entertainer are here to offer our long term support to Joining Jack, however we can, now and in the future. Donna Benton, Founder & CEO, The Entertainer

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