We need as many people to join Jack in his fight as possible - what can you do to help?

We at Joining Jack would value your support in arranging and participating in events to help raise money and awareness for the charity. From small acorns big oaks trees are grown so whether you are looking to take part in anything from a charity cake baking day, to a fundraising football match, or to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro then we'd love you to get involved!

To help publicise the event we would appreciate if you could email us the following information.

  1. Images or web links to help promote event.
  2. A small statement why you are wanting to get involved.
  3. General information on the event, including;
  • Who is involved,
  • The organisers name and contact details,
  • And what, where and when the event's happening.

It's quick and easy to create your own fundraising page online, at




and then if you like you can send us the link to publicise it for you. Paper sponsorship forms are also available on request.

After the event:

Once the event has taken place, please forward any pictures of it so that we can put them on the website and on our Facebook page - we'd love to let people see what you've done, and hopefully your actions will inspire them too! If you need to know how to pay in any sponsorship money, please have a look at our 'How to Donate' tab.

If we can provide any support or help to publicise your event please get in contact at info@joiningjack.org


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