We'd like to introduce our Mascot...

Have you ever wanted to be a Superhero?

A real one?

Well, Jack did. He dreamed about it.

Jack had Superhero pictures on his bedroom wall and put on Superhero pyjamas before he went to bed. He even had Superhero socks which he wore underneath his school ones.

At night he dreamed of having super powers.

He wished for super strength, super muscles and most of all he dreamed of saving the day; Superhero style.

But Jack wasn't a Superhero.

He was a little boy and even though he wanted to be strong; wanted to be everything a Superhero could be...

When Jack was awake he didn't have the power to save the day.

But at night he could dream.

At night hewasa Superhero.

At night he was JJ.

At night he was JJ The Duchenne Destroyer.

JJ Mascot