Halo Therapeutics

The first of these projects is a drug that's being developed by Halo Therapeutics, a US based company that specialises in DMD and works in strong partnership with a number of muscular dystrophy charities. The drug is a derivative of a natural compound found in a species of plant. It acts as an anti-fibrotic, so it will help prevent the build-up of muscle tissue - something that worsens the effect of DMD on its sufferers. Joining Jack gave $100,000 to help fund this project.

"We are extremely pleased that Joining Jack has chosen to provide critical funds to Halo for clinical testing of HT-100 in boys with DMD," said Marc Blaustein, Halo Therapeutics CEO. "We are in a race against time to conquer DMD, and Joining Jack's financial support allows us to continue development of this promising therapeutic candidate as rapidly as possible."