Where Our Funds Go

We have listed in the table below a list of the grants we have awarded to date. We have colour coded the grants to show how we are supporting the whole therapeutic development pipeline.

Joining Jack is committed to ensuring that as much as possible of our funds goes to developing research into a treatment or a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We are particularly focused on transitional research, research that takes potential therapeutics out of laboratories and into clinical trials.

Working closely with our partner charity Duchenne UK, our trusted team of scientific advisors, patient advisory board and trustees we have made major decisions on how to spend the funds that we have raised. The grants that we have awarded have led to breakthroughs that are changing the therapeutic landscape for the Duchenne community.

Project Name Research/Institution or Company Project Status Total Grant Award
Hydrotherapy Clinical Trial Dr De Geode, Royal Preston Hospital Started £118,000
Immunology Grant Call Award Professor Kanneboyina Nagaraju at Binghamton, the State University of New York Started £1,000
Biomarker Trial Duke University Started £20,000
Dream Chair development Whizz Kidz Ongoing £50,000
DMD Care UK Newcastle University Ongoing £140,000
Immunology Grant University of Florida Ongoing £185,000
Splint Trial Newcastle University Started £10,000
Stem Cells University of Minnesota Started £140,000
Vitamin B3 Leiden University Started £10,000
Tackling fibrosis and muscle regeneration Agada Biosciences Started £25,000
Repurposing Drugs Dr Olivier Dorchies, University of Geneva Started £25,000
Testosterone extension Prf Volker Straub, University of Newcastle Started £10,000
Adult NMCCC Dr Chiara Marini-Bettolo, University of Newcastle Ongoing £10,000
Open label extension study for Tamoxifen Dr Dirk Fischer, University Children’s Hospital Basel Pending £230,000.00
Taurine Dr Peter Arthur, Senior Lecturer, The University of Western Australia Ongoing £50,000
Fibrosis Dr Lee Borthwich, University of Newcastle Ongoing £10,000
New ways of delivering Gene Therapy EVOX Therapeutics Ongoing £200,000
Understanding heart disease in DMD Dr John Bourke, Freeman Hospital Ongoing £67,000.00
Investigating soy products as a treatment for DMD Prof Steve Winder, University of Sheffield Ongoing £30,500
Preclinical study of the combination of tamoxifen, L-citrulline and metformin Dr Olivier Dorchies, University of Geneva Ongoing £200,000
Use of Elastase Inhibitors to Treat DMD Dr Addolorata Pisconti, University of Liverpool Ongoing £36,365.00
Duchenne Clinical Research Nurse Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool Ongoing £32,106.50
F2 Neuromuscular Clinical Research Doctor Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool Complete £30,513
ST4 Neuromuscular Clinical Research Doctor Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool Complete £127,121.00
Tamoxifen Clinical Trial Dr Dirk Fischer, University Children’s Hospital Basel Ongoing £194,996.99
Tamoxifen Project Manager Dr Dirk Fischer, University Children’s Hospital Basel Ongoing £97,000
TREAT-NMD DMD Co-Ordinator Role University of Newcastle Ongoing £78,832.66
Physiotherapist Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool Complete £45,960.00
Duchenne Clinical Trial Nurse Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle Complete £22,500
Co-Funded Lectureship for a Clinical Research Lectureship/ Senior Lectureship in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Dr Guglieri, University of Newcastle Ongoing £35,714.30
Assessing the preclinical therapeutic impact of cannabidiol for DMD Dr Keith Foster, The University of Reading Complete £6213.09
The Duchenne Forum, Supporting 8 basic research projects Muscular Dystrophy Campaign Complete £55,346.00
Gene therapy Solid GT, Boston, USA Complete $1,666,666.66
VBP-15, Phase 1 Clinical Trial Reveragen BioPharma Inc, USA Complete $400,000.00
DMD Heart Protection Study Dr Spinty, Alder Hey Complete £14,000
Phase1/2 Clinical trial of HT-100 Akashi Therapeutics, USA Complete $100,000
Developing biomarkers for Utrophin Modulators Summit Corporation, Oxford, UK Complete £100,000